Tenuta delle Terre Nere

Contrada Calderara s.n, Randazzo (CT), Sicily, Italy
With 15 hectares of vineyards (some of which are approximately 40-50 years old!), The Terre Nere estate is home to many different varieties of grape, including the Calderara Cru, the Feudo di Mezzo Cru and the Guardiola Cru, the latter of which boast the title of being grown in the highest-altitude red-grape vineyards in Europe! But this elevation is not just so visitors can enjoy a panoramic view over the northern slopes of Mount Etna where the Terre Nere estate is located, it actually influences the production of the wine, as the dramatic temperature variations between night and day make the ”vini” fine and elegant, devoid of the heat and overripe flavors that usually define southern wines. Fun fact! Most people who have tasted them, say they actually taste more like Burgundies or Barolos! Another factor that effects Terre Nere estate’s wine’s flavor is the fact that their grapes are grown in soil filled with volcanic ash, which is also abundant with black pumice and volcanic rock - to call it a ‘rocky’ surface is putting it mildly! So if you fancy venturing into the volcano, why not book a tour at the hilltop winery, and try some of their product that is lovingly named after the mountain where it is produced.

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Tenuta delle Terre Nere
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Etna rosso
Etna bianco
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Etna rosso Feudo di Mezzo
Etna Rosso Guardiola
Etna rosso Santo Spirito
Etna bianco Cuvèe delle Vigne Niche
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Contrada Calderara s.n, Randazzo (CT), Sicily, Italy