La Morandina

Località Morandini, 11, Castiglione Tinella, Cuneo, Piedmont, Italy
A favourite of famous TV presenter Michael Palin, La Morandina winery, its name deriving from the hill upon which it is situated, has belonged to Giulio Morando’s family for 8 generations – that’s around 300 years! At Morandina, Giulio exclusively produces white wines, including the sweet, sparkling Muscato, which is refreshing and perfect to cool off from the summer heat, as well Chardonnay, which is extremely fruity and aromatic. But red lovers, don’t fear! You can also enjoy a glass of the winery’s Barbaresco or Barbera wines from their vineyards in Neive and Montegrosso! All tipples can be enjoyed in the amazing surroundings of the winery’s arched, brick cellar, or in the natural surroundings of the vines that made the produce possible! Enjoy local produce as you sip, from goat’s cheese and artisanal salami, to Giulio’s home cooked sausage in aromatic rosemary sauce, whilst you listen to the clinking sound of the modern machine putting stoppers into bottles ready to be exported all around the world. Don’t forget to take a look at the old-fashioned filtration taps to get an idea of how the process used to take place before modern technology reached La Morandina. The winery is also well situated to explore the other delights of the Piedmont region, including panoramic views across never ending vineyards, nearby truffle hunting possibilities and 3 historic castles such as Castello Mango, Calasso and Castiglio da D’Asti, one of which was visited by Napolean Bonepart himself. 

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Località Morandini, 11, Castiglione Tinella, Cuneo, Piedmont, Italy