Derbusco Cives

Via Provinciale, 83, Erbusco (BS), Lombardy, Italy


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The Erbusco area in Lombardy is for Franciacorta wine what Epernay is for Champagne, as the commune is famed for being home to the very best vineyards to produce the renowned DOCG Italian sparkling wine. One of the most prominent of these vineyards is indefinitely Derbusco Cives – which translates as “citizens of Erbusco” – a young winery which was established back in 2004. Founded by a group of 5 friends dedicated to creating a high-quality wine, Derbusco Cives uses ancestral methods to produce their products. You won’t find neatly pruned vines or any pesticides here, as the winery believes in respecting the rules of nature rather than trying to bend it to man’s will with unnatural methods. This commitment to authenticity does come at a cost, as Derbusco Cives does produce a limited amount of bottles, but, as the old saying goes, quality is more important quantity. It’s not only the wine itself that is produced to a high standard, as it is also packaged in a unique spherical bottle. But don’t be fooled, this innovative exterior isn’t just to make the wine stand out from the crowd, studies show it is also beneficial in helping the wine ripen in the bottle. Why not taste for yourself at a special wine tasting or visit the Brescia based winery? 

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Derbusco Cives
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Via Provinciale, 83, Erbusco (BS), Lombardy, Italy