Marisa Cuomo

Via G.B. Lama, 16/18, Furore, Campania, Italy
+39 3334313667
Established in 1980, Marisa Cuomo winery is located in Furore on the romantic and breath-taking Amalfi Coast. The winery is owned by Andrea Ferraioli and Marisa Cuomo (who work in collaboration with oenologist Luigi Moio) the former of whom descends from a line of local winemakers and established Marisa Cuomo (named lovingly after his wife) to put into practice the tricks of the trade imparted to him by his ancestors. The 10-hectare strong winery is pretty unique in that it only tends to its vines by hand, as the owners wish to prioritize having close contact with nature. And what with the harsh conditions that come with being situated on a mountain face overlooking the sea at 500 meters, it’s not surprising that the grapes – ranging from Fenile to Ripolo, Tintore to Tronto -are given a bit of extra-human love and attention. Marisa Cuomo not only boasts this beautiful (but temperamental) exterior, it also has a mysterious internal secret. Tucked away, Marisa Cuomo has its very own wine cellar that is dug into the dolomitic-limestone rocks, providing a fascinating, cool and damp place for their wine to age whilst stored in French oak barriques – not to mention a fabulous photo opportunity for visiting guests! If you head over for a tour and a tasting, you won’t be disappointed, as their (predominantly white) Vini have even been approved by the experts, winning international awards including the 2006 Oscar for Best White, which was awarded by the Italian Sommelier Association!

Experiences Available at Marisa Cuomo


Marisa Cuomo
Wine Tasting + Cellar's Visit + Cooking Class + Lunch


Marisa Cuomo
Wine Tasting + Vineyard's Visit + Lunch


Marisa Cuomo
Wine Tasting + Vineyard's Visit + Lunch

Services Offered

Wine Tasting
Cellar's Visit
Cooking Class


Furore Bianco Fiorduva
Furore Rosso Riserva
Costa d'Amalfi Rosato
Furore Bianco
Furore Rosso
Ravello Rosso Riserva
Ravello Bianco
Costa d'Amalfi Rosso
Costa d'Amalfi Bianco

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Via G.B. Lama, 9, Furore(SA), Campania, Italy 


Via G.B. Lama, 16/18, Furore, Campania, Italy