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A Professional Team of experts at your disposal

Travel4wine.com is a project of ITM Journeys, a collection of European DMCs that offer their services for discerning travellers for more than 25 years.
From the very beginning, ITM Journeys has been devoted to a constant pursuit of quality, authenticity and accuracy. We love to search, like a truffle hunter, for the best experiences in these countries that transform these experiences into emotions.
Our expertise is to explore our lands and cherry-pick the most outstanding experiences, activities that allow the Traveler to create a true, emotional connection with the local culture.

You can learn more about ITM by visiting our website.
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Often people travel in a country like inside a balloon, where everything arrives in a soft manner. They meet travel professionals, educated to please them and show the usual “enlightened face of the moon”.
Our aim is to help the modern discerning traveller to create a liaison with the places, to understand the culture and history of a place through the locals.

Winemakers, Farmers and Chefs are the gateways to the real country, the messengers that can unveil the soul and the heart of a land.

We have patiently and carefully selected the best wineries, managed by genuine people with big hearts, fabulous cheese or oil producers with exceptional farms.
With each of them, we have designed extraordinary experiences for travellers in quest of the true fruits of the land as well as meeting with their marvellous inhabitants.